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    Linux Evrensel Gelir, Bitcoin, Anarşizm, ve Mağusa

    Bugün değerli bir iş arkadaşım ile cryptocurrency’nin currency olmayan teknolojik yeniliklerinin dünya düzenine katması muhtemel sosyolojik değişimlere dair sohbet ettik. Sohbetin bir noktasında konu Universal Basic Income‘a (kısaca UBI) geldi. Evrensel Asgari Gelir olarak... Sonrası Evrensel...
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    Linux Valentin’in İdamı & Sağlıksız Toplumda Sevgililer Günü

    Valentin, 14 Şubat 278’de İmparator 2. Claudius tarafından giyotin ile idam edildi. Günümüz toplumunun “sevgililer günü kutlaması” esasen bu olayın tarihteki yankısıdır. Benim isyanım kapitalizm’e değil, yankıların olay’dan ve anlamdan kopuk şekilde ağır basmasınadır.... Sonrası Valentin’in...
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    Linux Academic Knowledge and Society as Media Audience

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    Linux KKTC ve En Büyük Düşman

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    Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Yükledikten Sonra Yapılacaklar

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    Linux Kan ve İnsan

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    Linux Tükenişin Rasyonalizasyonu ve Doğal Afetler

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    Linux Hasta Toplumda Sağlık ve Güvenlik

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    Linux Eylül Bir | Hüseyin Bahca

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    Linux Missing You | Murat Umar feat Ezgi Akgürgen

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    Linux Bitcoin ve Kriptopara Alım Satım Rehberi

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    Linux Mavi Balina ve Bilinçsizlik

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    Upgrade Package Should not include favicon or logo.og

    If I select to download the upgrade package only, it should not include the following files: styles/default/xenforo/favicon.ico styles/default/xenforo/logo.og.png Why? Because these two files are used regardless of the style settings of your forum. So even though I dont use the default Xenforo...
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    User Field Criteria for Notices does not handle empty criteria

    Specifying User value contains text: (empty) matches all values rather than empty values: Specifying a User choice is among checkbox value and not selecting any values matches all values:
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    Calling all PHP developers

    Please PM me. It's regarding a PHP script that I have that needs to be altered so it works to list game servers. From what I heard its not a long or hard task, just not a PHP expert so wouldn't know where to start. Willing to pay, can be discussed.
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    Including a template into a page

    Since XF2.0, <xen:include template="template_name" />doesn't seem do anything at all. Instead, it literally shows up when inspecting the page. This behaved as expected in XF1.5. Is this a dropped feature for XF2 since I can't find anything in the XF2 manual about including a template in another...
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    [HA] XFRM Resources Layouts (XF2) [Paid]

    Dadparvar submitted a new resource: [HA] XFRM Resources Layouts - Change the way resources list looks Using this add-on, you can easily change the layout of resources list. Demo: XFRM Resources Layouts (XF2) Dadparvar Dec 12, 2017 layout xen-pro xfrm A quick preview of the XFRM Resources...
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    Copy and paste stops working after long use

    I noticed that on occasion the copy/paste stops working after long use. I notice this when editing in resource manager. When this occurs I switch to BB code editor as that will still work. I'm using macOS and Firefox.
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    [TH] Disable Invisible Status [Paid]

    ThemeHouse submitted a new resource: Disable Invisible Status - the This add-on removes the ability of users to stop themselves from being viewed as online. On install, it will reset all users to being visible whenever they are online. A new permission to control the add-ons function per...
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    Swedish translation anyone?

    I downloaded the unmaintained language-pack for Swedish and it's for 1.4.3. I can put some hours in to it and translate all the missing phrases but before I get started I just wanted to know if maybe someone here is willing to share an updated version of their Swedish translation for XenForo...